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YoBit: Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Today

YoBit is the Russian based cryptocurrency introduces to the world in 2015 by the Bitcoin talk forum. The information about the founders of the exchange is not divulged anywhere. The exchange is well-known for having many cryptocurrencies on its exchange. The attractive feature of the exchange is its own coin called as YOVI (YoBit Virtual Currency).

The exchange has recently attracted the attention of people due to its on-going fraud investigation by the Russian authorities. Though the company executives deny any wrong doing on their part, it has shaken the trust of the users. The company blames its current predicament on the E-dinar Coin (a cryptocurrency exchange functioning in Ukraine).

Features of YoBit

The YoBit is the global cryptocurrency platform that allows you to buy and sell an extensive range of digital currencies. It has the following features:

  • Multilingual Trading Platform

Traders from different parts of the world can buy/sell digital currencies on the site with ease as it offers a multilingual trading platform.

  • Multiple Buying Options

You can opt for any method of buying the cryptocurrencies on the YoBit platform as it supports debit/credit card purchases, bank transfers or international wires. The platform also supports mobile wallets like Payeer, AdvCash, WebMoney, Perfect Money etc.

  • Fiat Deposit

The exchange allows you to deposit the fiat currency like RUB or USD according to their wish.

  • Consolidated Screen

Seasoned traders can delight in the consolidated screen available on the exchange that shows all the information on the home screen in panels.

  • Diverse Cryptocurrencies

The exchange supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and extensive range of trading pairs for making it easier for the users.

  • YobiCodes

The recharge codes offered by the exchange allows you to redeem or auction it to other users on the chat, which is highly rewarding.

  • Instant Deposit and Withdrawal

The Bitcoin transfers are a time-consuming process, but the YoBit provides you with the instantaneous deposit or withdrawal process that can save time. It is a quick process that happens without any delays (except during network congestion).

  • Bonus and Rewards

The YoBit platform offers bonus programs and rewards to the frequent traders on the exchange. It will attract more traders to use the platform for their digital assets trading.

If you are looking for a trusted and reputed exchange for trading their digital assets, then YoBit is not the right choice. The recent news and controversies plaguing the exchange can cause confusion in the minds of people. Though the claims are not proved, you must perform proper research and maintain diligence before investing in the exchange. The Russian cryptocurrency exchange has a lot of room for improvement as it lacks in many areas. By eliminating the issues, it can build the customer trust and become a reputed exchange.

You can look for the alternative solution like Wallet online to get proper customer support services. You can get connected with the team of experts just with the help of customer service number available online.

YoBit: best cryptocurrency exchange

If you are looking for the best cryptocurrency exchange, YoBit can be the right option. This was founded in 2015.

YoBit exchange 

Why to choose Yobit?

  • YoBit accept the fiat currencies via the various payment methods which are only popular in Russia but not outside Russia. There are lots of payment options. It does not support credit cards. Those people who want to enter in the world of virtual currency, they can enter into it easily with the help of such crypto currency exchanges.
  • When it comes to competitive fees, it may vary. It depends on the asset you trade.
  • This is a decent and reliable trading platform and leave good impression on minds of users.
  • Several altcoin are available at this exchange.
  • It ensures secure transactions

How Newbie can use it?

You can get registered with it and create your account. It requires minimal personal information while creating account. It supports all sorts of altcoins as well. Once you get fill the required details to create account with YoBit, you get an activation mail. You have to click on the activation link and go through the other verification procedures. Once your account gets verified you will be eligible to use this cryptocurrency exchange. 

As we mentioned above, that YoBit supports various digital currencies, so you can choose the required one. You will see cryptocurrencies table on YoBit and you can choose from it. You will also get address to transfer the digital currency. YoBit Menu and functions are easy to use of coins when you click on ‘My Wallet’ section for transactions.

You can click on the required coin type that you need to deposit and follow the further instructions for safe transactions. This is good and secure to store, deposit and trade digital currency. It offers lots of buy/sale/store/trade coins options in Menu section. You will be allowed to deposit digital asset to your wallet.

You will go through the series 

Crypto-currencies have become so much popular and YoBit is quite popular among users and investors. Many people have started using it that results many technical issues that can be resolve with support number.

The Ideal solution for customers:

Sometimes things become difficult for investors and people when they don’t get much needed help with Yobit customer support. In this scenario, they should look for the alternative solution. There are so many reliable online platforms that help assist such issues.

Choose Wallet Online:

You can go for Wallet online as alternative for resolving YoBit issues. It offers timely and best services. You just need to go for a phone call. They have a team of experienced professionals who are available 24*7 to help overcome issues associated with YoBit.

Don’t wait, just get the phone number offered by this platform and call them to get quick solution of your problems related to wallet, exchanges and digital currencies. They offer satisfactory customer service that you can enjoy any time.

You can enjoy the customer service 24×7 as it is available for people across the globe anytime.

Why maintaining that digital wallet is essential?

YoBit is a cryptocurrency exchange platform which helps you stay connected with all the market players when it comes to trading digital currency. With a state of the art facility to keep your information updated and encrypted, the wallet has been making path breaking entrance into the exchange department as well. This is a Russia based exchange for digital currency. It provides access to many altcoins including Bitcoin.

You can easily register with the system using a username and a password which is of your own choice. Start working as soon as you have the details. You can manage, maintain, transact and fulfil all accounting related activities using your digital wallet which is customized to support all of it. This digital currency exchange is famous for its controversial nature. It offers easiest trading experience and newbie can easily deal with it. 


Even if the transactions are irreversible in nature, you still get the prerogative to verify and approve the incoming amount. Given that digital currency maintenance can be challenging and mining the former is equally difficult, the wallet has gone forward and intends to implement different transfer methods such as those of EU Bank Wire, MasterCard and Visa Card, so on and so forth to make it easier for users.

The support team is usually available throughout the year and is always there to support you. The latest turnaround time being 24 hours, the service is without a doubt impeccable and best in the business.

It might happen that the transactions do not show up on your screen as soon as you have performed it. Nevertheless, expectation from the digital asset is incredibly high and is enough to give you a jitter. However, the special characteristic and the feature demands that even if the transaction happen in a network that boasts of speed, it still is in the nascent stages which makes it difficult to accelerate among security constraints.

Issues related to mining Bitcoin or find the cryptocurrency you invested in?

Don’t know how to go about transferring that hard earned digital asset? Do not have a support number or a phone number to reach out to someone in your time of distress?

Well, YoBit has you covered from a customer support point of view. All you need to do it install the app or login to their website to find the customer care number and get your query resolved whenever you want.

If you don’t get response then you can also go for alternative option. You can choose wallet online to get in-depth information about the digital currency, wallet, exchange and other products associated with digital asset. 

How to Resolve Google Authentication Issues in YoBit?

Since last few days, an annoying kind of situation is being described by many of the YoBit users. Their issues are concerned with the security of funds. They have been found to get troubled due to YoBit fail to identify the Google authentication after enabling it. Such kind of problems makes the users low as they fall under stress for the security of their stored funds. If you are also stumbling upon the same kind of issues then call our YoBit support number that is available every time. 

YoBit has established the cryptocurrency exchange that is based in Russia. It enables its users to have the accessibility to Bitcoin and hundreds of other altcoins. It supports the trade of currencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin. But YoBit users think to manage the situation when they have to face issues in term of recognition of Google authentication by YoBit.

When it comes to the Google authentication then it is such software that follows the two-step verification services making use of time-based OTP algorithm and HMAC based OTP algorithm for the purpose of assuring the security of the YoBit by Google. But sometimes, some or the other problems begin to appear in the way of YoBit users. In that situation, they may instantly call our YoBit phone number that is available anytime. However, issues may arise because of various reasons but it may only be detected taking the help of YoBit specialized persons. 

The security of the financial subject is always treated as the most important factor and hence it is mandatory for users to be very serious to find the real solution for it. Thus having deemed about it, we created this webpage with a view to help to those people who are using the YoBit exchange for the purpose of transaction process of the cryptocurrencies. It has been seen that maximum number of people are crazy behind the use of digital currencies. Problems arise when users don’t have the idea to take initiative in this regard.

Further the persistence of the issues is bound to create problems. Thus it is quite important for them to have the substantial idea to overcome the unwanted situation that they face while trying to enable their Google authentication for YoBit. To have the legitimate platform for solution, they may immediately contact the YoBit support team through the YoBit contact phone number. 

Our specialized team always keep analyzing about the associated scenario that is availed by YoBit users. We all know that tech products cannot be maintained away from the issues at any cost. Only one thing can be done and that is YoBit users may prefer to have the solution instantly calling the YoBit customer service number. This has been made available as the toll-free number that may be accessed anytime without any hassle. Google authentication issues may easily be resolved if YoBit users take action to come in contact with the working team at once.

Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query regarding YoBit Cryptocurrency exchange.

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codingclave© 2020. All rights reserved.