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Shaza, Daughter of Karim Morani Tested COVID-19 Positive: Family Under Self Quarantine!

Ever since the global outbreak of coronavirus, India has also become a part of the widespread coronavirus. Concerning that, the first Bollywood celebrity to test positive for COVID-19 was Kanika Kapoor. Currently, Kanika is admitted to SGPGIMS in an isolation ward for treatment. After her, the second Bollywood celebrity to test positive is Shaza, the daughter of Karim Morani. Karim is also known for the production of a Bollywood Movie, “Chennai Express”. He also happens to b a very close friend of Shah Rukh Khan.

According to the reports, after being COVID-19 positive, Shaza has been admitted to an isolation ward in Nanavati Hospital. This was done on Sunday night, the 5th of April. The hospital belongs in Mumbai, near Juhu region. Additionally, Shaza is a resident of Shagun, a region in Juhu. Reports confirm that she recently had a travel history from Australia.

She made a return from Australia a couple of days before. There has been no further news on the aftermath of her return, such as places she could have gone to after landing or whom’ she’s come in contact with.

Morani Family Under Lockdown…

According to a source, her family has reported that they’ve all been doing fine. But, Renu Hansraj, of BC Corporator has mentioned that the family is under lockdown. That being said, the family of 9 people residing in Shaza’s building will be going through the screening procedure to test for COVID-19. Reports also say that the authorities will take necessary steps for maximum co-operation towards the family.  

The filmmaker Karim sent out a text message regarding the situation. Also, he confirmed the news to ABP News when they reached out to enquire about the same. He mentioned that Shaza, his daughter has not come in close contact with any foreigner.

He also claimed that Shaza had not shown any symptoms of COVID-19. Concerning that, Karim mentions that as a responsible citizen fo India, he chooses the measures that are in the best interest of her daughter and for the citizens.

Karim says that she went under isolation after the test turned out positive. On the other hand, the Moran family members will go through a screening procedure. Authorities of Municipal are going to reach them out at 10:30 in the night.

More on Shaza Morani’s Reports

As per the reports, Shaza has been in seeing Priyanka Sharma. Priyank happens to be known for his mother Padmini Kolhapure. Apparently, Shaza and Priyank got to know each other at the New York Film Academy. Both of them were taking up the courses related to films. In addition to that, Shaza has completed doing a course in “Direction and Production”. On the other hand, Priyank has completed a course in “Acting” from America.

Shaza ‘s career is also significant as she did work with many Directors. Few examples of her assistant work were in films like, “Happy New Year”, “Kabhi Kabhi”. 

Meanwhile, the same night when Shaza went for isolation and treatment, was the same night when the nation stood up in unity. The entire nation lightened their houses form balconies and terraces. It was a tribute to the deceased one of the ones who are fighting against COVID-19.



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codingclave© 2020. All rights reserved.