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Shah Rukh Khan Takes A Step For Helping Citizens Amidst The Global Pandemic!

During the global pandemic, the entire world is at a crisis due to the coronavirus. In respect to that, many celebrities have stepped up to provide for funds. Such as the Chief Minister’s fund or PM-CARES. Among those, Shah Rukh Khan has taken an initiative to help those people who are facing major circumstances.  

In a recent twitter post, it was seen that Shah Rukh Khan announced to his fans and those who follow the media. He declared all the business organizations that are under his association, will contribute to the government. These business organizations include, Meer Foundation, Kolkata Knight Riders, Red Chillies VFX and Entertainment.

In that same post, retweeted mentioning the current time of this pandemic is an important phase. A that, to overcome, unity is a key. He also hopes that little steps and contributions and help from other people can make things better. Also, at the end of the tweet, he mentions that, all Indian people formed together to be one whole family that is knowns as India. 

While on the other hand, the original post on twitter from Red Chillies mentioned how benign at home is important. It said that while many people are under the lockdown, there are front line workers, doctors who are out to help. Along with the post showed gratitude and a declaration of support from them. And the following tags were included in the post. Such as Arvind Kejriwal, OfficialUT, PMO India, iamsrk, MamataOfficial and AUTThackerey.

More Information On The Monetary Contribution!

Shah Rukh Khan made a comment keeping Nidai Fazli Sahib in quotes. The comment clearly says that for every failing night, there’s a morning after. So even if days will remain the same but the dates are only going to change. In respect to that, Shah Rukh Khan mentions that his organization firms will be doing monetary contributions. Among those, the donation of Proectrive kits are also included so that the hospital are o not run out of supplies.

Meanwhile, the co-owners of Kolkata Knight Riders, Gauri Khan, Juhi Chawla, Shah Rukh Khan and Jay Mehta will handle the contributions. Meer Foundation and Kolkata Knight Riders will contribute to the government like Maharashtra and West Bengal. Along with that, PPE (Personal Protective Kits), nearly 50, 000 will be given out. 

These kits will be especially given in favor of front line health care workers. These workers need this equipment the most as they are fighting for help from the front ends. On the other aspect, this contribution, will motivate contributions to come from other places. 

Meanwhile, the Earth Foundation and Meer Foundation, will take care of the people who re in need of food. These two foundations, will contribute food to more than 5,400 families. Also, it will continue in regions of Mumbai for a whole month. That being said, to prepare a fresh meal for them every day, the foundation is taking care of setting Kitchens up. This way, even those workers who are not getting food due to the frontline, can suffice on the food given. 



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codingclave© 2020. All rights reserved.