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Pop-Celebrity Britney Spears Demands Wealth Redistribution!

Britney Spears, the celebrity pop star has triggered a major political movement in the United States. As the global pandemic Coronavirus outbreaks, she posts to Instagram that is related to the redistribution for wealth. People, on the other hand, have been taking her words as a joke.

Thus, now Birtney has been named ‘Comrade Britney” while some of them have compared her to a Marxist. As sources say, the political comment made by her, also triggered the people to give her nicknames.

The comment made by Spears includes “Communion Goes Beyond Wall”. Along with the statement, she had also added three emotions of rose. Based on multiple sources, three roses imply the symbol of Democratic Socialism.


As of now, what has been concluding is that her intention for exercising the promotion of political movement may have other implications. It could also imply an expression for the global coronavirus (COVID-19) that has been affecting the majority of the world. In her recent upload, she had posted a picture of a quote that has been written by Mimi Zhu.

As Spears took it to the global media through Instagram, Zhu caught its attention in a short span. She also expressed gratitude for Britney to be sharing her quote at this time of need.

Zhu took her gratitude to Twitter and claimed that she appreciates and acknowledges the fact that Britney shared her quote. Because Britney had played an important role in Zhu’s life during her growth. She also mentioned that she is happy they are still connected to the same wavelength.

Zhu’s Opinion on Britney’s Share

Upon elaborating, Zhu explained she was rather surprised by the fact that Briteny found some kind of resonance in the quote compared to the current crisis. She said she was in isolation at the time of fit’s writing. Her frustration for the system being unable to take care of people had been on the edge.

Zhu’s goal was to promote unity during isolation. She mentioned that people should remain connected while being disconnected physically. Her idea of the quote came from an underlying thought. The thought was an expression for what people face during times of isolation.

One, many things are affecting lives in isolation, such as survival necessities being out of stock, depression, stress and much more. She thought she could shed some light on this. Regardless, she is happy about Britney’s effort.

She mentioned that Britney has given her an effort on trying to raise awareness for a political movement. That being said, Zhu thinks that her effort is what people need to see at this point. Lately, she is happy about the fact that she wrote it because it will be impactful on a lot of people during the global pandemic.


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codingclave© 2020. All rights reserved.