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PM Modi Asks Indian To Light Up Candles At 9 PM On Sunday To fight Against Coronavirus!

Prime Minister addresses the entire nation to stand up against the darkness by lighting up candles on Sunday night at 9 PM. He suggested people turn off their household lights at 9 PM and instead light up candles and diyas or flashlights. This would imply the strength and spirit of Indians against the fight fo Coronavirus. 

In the video released earlier this morning, Modi clearly mentions that during this process, people should not forget social distancing. EH also mentions that people should remain in the house premises and not go outside. 

In the short video, Modi declares that the period of 21-day lockdown had witnessed co-operative discipline from residents. Also, they’ve understood the sense of services. Now, this implies, that 22nd march will not be witnessed again when people had banging utensils. The gesture in which everyone united to show respect for frontline workers fighting for Coronavirus. 

PM Modi said that it must have been a difficult time for people to be under the lockdown being alone. But the lockdown is essential for everyone in India. More than 130 crore people joining in the lockdown would benefit the country in the fight against the pandemic. 

Modi also mentioned that it is crucially essential for Indian people to experience the majesty, divinity and strength shared by people.

Modi’s Emphasis On Lighting Up To Fight Against Darkness!

In the video, the PM describes that once people switch to flashlights, candles and lamps in their balconies, the superpower of light will emerge due to collectiveness. The fact that people will join this light movement, would imply that nobody is alone in this fight. The whole nation is together in unity.

Modi kept emphasizing on the fact that even during this, social distancing is still valid and important. He also addressed the nation to help those who are most affected by the lockdown

During this global outbreak, people should remember to be able to walk through light and hope without hesitation. That person should remember to keep their loved ones safe from this global outbreak. And also help our brothers and sister and most importantly those who are in dire need of it. 

PM Modi also spoke about shloka in Sanskrit that emphasizes enthusiasm. He says that the greatest forces in the whole world are all about spirit and enthusiasm. In respect to that, claims India had never seen what the lockdown brought to the people. And it was only the 9th day since the lockdown started. \

Ever since the collective event occurred on 22nd March, Modi Believes that collective is one of the greatest keys. He also believes that the event was an example of how much collective strength can sum up to. All Indians came to their balconies and united together to show respect and gratitude for the front line workers. 

For that reason, Modi address that the nation can fight against Coronavirus using collective strength. 



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codingclave© 2020. All rights reserved.