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New Cases Of Corona Virus Increasing In India: Lat Count 1071 Been tested Positive For COVID-19!

As per current reports, the newly emerged cases have been on a spree making the total count at 1071. The global outbreak of Coronavirus has made its entry to over 177 countries. As of now, India has entered its sixth day being in a complete lockdown.

The total cases confirmed to be positive of the virus, are standing at 1071. According to the Union Health Minister, it can be concluded that 27 people have died from the virus. But even that, 966 percent of the entire affected people, have been recovered. Among the ones who died, one was a woman who was residing at Darjeeling. And the another woman in Siliguri aged 54. The woman dies today morning who was tested in North Bengal Medical College & Hospital.

Lav Aggarwal From Union Ministry of Health Says…

Lav Aggarwal, from the Ministry fo Health, claimed that, efforts are being made to manufacturer PPEs and more. This is so that hospitals don’t run out of essentials. He also mentioned that people who have underlying issues with the respiratory system should always be aware of influenza infections.

Along with that, he declared that at this point, the transmission process is local. If it gets worse, like transmission by comminute then verdicts will be out. According to reports, Lav Aggarwal mentioned that their top priority is to prevent the virus at any cost. For that, they’ve been taking drastic measures and trying to improve the facility of the hospitals. 

Saila Srivastava being the Joint Secretary of Home Affairs mentioned that the lockdown has been looked at from control rooms. He also mentioned that as of now, the situation fo lockdown is going smooth.


On the other hand, 35 Indians made a landing at Delhi from Kabul, Afghanistan. They’ve have been taken to the quarantine facility of ITBP (Indo-Tibetian Border Police) for testing. 

BS Yediyurappa from Karnatak mentioned that the lockdown will continue till the said date which is 14th of April. He also mentioned that the lockdown is completely dependent on the citizen of India. And how well they maintain the curfew and stay in the house. If people fail to obey the lockdown and social distancing, then the government will review the condition of India and perhaps also extend the period of lockdown. 

Nepal Police have taken action against 749 people who had been roaming around in the streets during the lockdown. These people had no particular emergency or reason to be out. That being said, Nepal has confirmed 5 positive cases of COVID-19. 

At first, the lockdown was said to last for the week starting from the 24th of march but now it has been extended to the first week of April, 7th. Also, international flights have been banned from entering and that is going to last till the 15th of April.


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