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Money Heist/La Casa De Papel Season 4 Releases: Fans Expecting Twists!

One of the most awaited seasons for the current time has been  La Casa De Papel or Money Heist’s 4th season. The previous 3 seasons of Money Heist had left the fan on a cliff hanger. That being said, Money Heist had finally been confirmed to be airing its 4th season. The lats cliffhanger of the previous season was when Professor called out war on the police personnel. 

Now Netflix has officially confirmed that Money heist is out on Netflix. This time, all the 8 episodes are currently airing on Netflix. Meanwhile fans are anticipated as its trailer had a lot of drama, to begin with. 

Netflix has declared that the date of release for Money Heist would be on the 3rd of April. Even having 8 episodes releasing together, the time set, is after midnight. That being said, the time of airing would be different from the United States Of America to the West Coast. Fro Spain, the time of airing would be at 9.01 AM.

The cast for Money Heist Season 4!

The new trailer that had released recently, revealed a lot of the cast in Money Heist. However, in the light, these are the following cast to be present in Money Heist season 4 as per the trailer. 

The trailer clip had actors like Alvaro Morte as a professor, Miguel Herran as Rio, Esther Acebo as Stockholm and Darko Peric and Helsinki. Also, Ursula Corbero as Tokyo, Itziar Ituno as Lisbon, Rodrigue De la Sema as Palermo and Luka Peros and Hovik Keuchkerian as Marshella & Bogota respectively.

Along with the aforementioned cats, there are also two other surprises to be seen in season 4. The season 4 of Money Heist will have an appearance of Pedro Alonso as Berlin. Berlin’s character had taken an unfortunate twist as it died. On the other hand, Alba Flores as Nairobi makes another surprise appearance in the season. The previous season of Money Heist had seen Nairobi’s fate. Her chances of survival had not quite been anticipated until now.

Meanwhile, some other cast characters are likely to be included in Season 4. Arturo Roman as Enrique Arce and Alicia Sierra as Najwa Nimri to make an appearance. Lastly there is one more charter to make an appearance an that is Jose Manuel Poga as Gandhia. Gandhia is well known to the fans as he was the prime head body of the security line in season 3.

What’s In For Season 4?

Season 4 is set to begins with chaos as mentioned in the Synopsis on Netflix. Even in the new trailer, the same has been declared which confirms that season 4 will have double impact row hat season 3 had. This can be implied based on what happened in season 3. The gang had made a disturning atmosphere by dropping money all over Madrid. 

Season 4 has confined that the confrontation among the police and the Robbers would be hostile. The last season had shown that fans that the masked robbers faced a critical situation. It went that far where Itziar Ituno as Lisbon, or Professor’s Girlfriend, was considered to have died. As the whole masked gang decided to go for a full retaliation, Lisbon was rather executed. 

On the other hand, Alba Flores as Nairobi’s life was uncertain and out of balance to decide if she’s had died or not. As per the last season went, Nairobi was seen to be taking a gunshot wound from the window of Spain’s bank. But it has been now confirmed that Nairobi is still alive. The new season may also shine some light on Rio being at risk, as per the theory goes.


Every episode fo season 4 is said to be packed with suspense and twists. Also, every episode has some hand-chosen English tracks that go late back in 80s. Additionally it might seem like a horror movie with lots of yelling and screaming. Fans may keep anticipating the characters to take the right decision. 

Apart from that, season 4 will have one more thing that fans may have anticipated. And that is the return of Berlin. Meanwhile, fan theories depict that Alicia may be plotting something using her fake pregnancy. Rest aside, season 4 might be the end of it as Netflix has not confirmed season 5 yet. 



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codingclave© 2020. All rights reserved.