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K-Pop Star Wonho Takes His Music Career A Step Ahead!

K-Pop Star Wonho was accused of drug allegations last year. However, after months of legal investigation, and endless support from his fans, he’s now clear of the chargers put on him. He was active in co-operating with the police authorities.  

The long haul of investigation, including scientific examination, proceeded for 5 months. That being said, fans did celebrate for the cause. But now, there’s another reason for them to celebrate. And, that is his farewell from the Monsta X group. 

Wonho decides to take his career a step ahead by leaving the Monsta X group. On the 9th of April, Highline Entertainment,  a Korean record Label made an announcement. 

In the announcement, it was concluded that Wonho signed a contract. The contract is exclusive. That being said, the 27-year-old singer, producer, and songwriter will now move ahead with a solo career as a solo artist.

His New Journey…

In a social media post, the Highline entertainment mentioned the current news. Aligned with that, they also mentioned that he will be given full supports as he embarks his solo journey as an artist. 

With respect to that, Wonho states that he is now reflecting his actions in the past. Wonho also mentions that he is thankful to his fans for their endless support. To keep that, he will be doing his best to repay their support. 

That being said, the announcement was not the only thing they did. In fact, moments later, they also made a fan cafe for the new solo artist Wonho on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. 

Highline Entertainment!!! 

Starship Entertainment’s subsidiary is Highline Entertainment. In other words, it is also a home for all the famous K-Pop groups like Cravity, Monsta S and WJSN. Along with that, Highline Entertainment is also associated with DJ Soda and many popular songwriters. 

Meanwhile, Eshy Gazit, the music executive, and CEO of Gramophone Media confirm that the news is true. Eshy Gazit is also a managing partner of many K-pop artists among which the Monsta X group is one. He took this news to his Instagram platform. He mentions that he is rather proud to manage Wonho in his solo venture. 

With respect to that, there are two more people who could not contain their excitement on the news. Monbebe and Wonho’s stans. As of now, the most trending topics around the globe are Wonho’s come back. In respect to that, the hashtag, “WonhoIsBack’ is trending.

Fans Can’t Contain Excitement!

Wonho’s career was in a sidetrack during the times he had allegations of drugs on him. Having negative remarks on a popular artist can have a drastic impact on their career. That being said, Wonho, after going through a turmoil of unproven rumours, is now on an upward wind. He’s starting his solo career makes a big difference. 

The major difference is making it transparent to not discard artists despite rumours. Fans are excited to see him take a big step ahead in his future after all of that. Wonho had earlier co-produced and co-written a song called “From Zero” which was released in the year of 2017. 

To help support him through his rough times, fans decided to make the song rank 1 in the Wolrd Digital Song Sale chart’s Billboard. This was one of the most impactful situations for Wonho’s future. As a producer, a songwriter and a singer, his commercial appeal continued to reign as fans kept helping with support. That being said, it helped him recover through his hard times as well. 

Now that he’s back in his home label, he has the opportunity to have people around him who are well aware of what his preferences are. That is rather a better option than having to start with a new company and go through it right from scratch one. 


  • Vipin Divakar is Senior Digital Marketing Consultant. He is passionate about writing on Current News and Internet Marketing techniques and Tips.

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