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iPhone 12 Highlights Leaked Online: Display Shows Notch-less!

iPhone 12 will be released in the upcoming months which seems far away. But some leaks have been going viral in the recent light. Some images have been leaked on the internet and it has details of the design. And now, there are other reports that claim to be having additional information along with that. 

People have been predicting that the new iPhone 21 model will look, unlike any other iPhone model. Apple is aiming to make some significant changes to the design layout of the model. 

The prediction can be relevant because Apple Inc has planned to make changes in the upcoming model’s notch.

iphone 12 looks and price
iPhone 12 First Look


The former president of Meizu, Li Nan has explained that Apple Inc corporation was keen on getting rid of the Notch display on iPhone models. The aim persisted ever since iPhone X was launched. On the other hand, the rumour is true, and “SvetApple” vouchered for its credibility by showing rendered images of the iPhone 12. 

These images display the design of the iPhone without the notch display. Besides, all the functions of the smartphone have been located on the top of the phone comprised together.

Iphone 12 Specification/Features & Price

The notch of the device was introduced in the X model. From then on, the notch display has been implemented on two other models of the iPhone device. In addition to this, the notch-less display prediction may not be true as doubts rise. The bet is, it could be for the next year or so but not this year. 

On the other hand, some reports have mentioned that apparently, Apple Inc will continue to keep the notch display on the upcoming model. However, they do have a plan to make changes in the size of the display notch panel. 

Meanwhile, some other reports claim to clarify that the release of the iPhone 12 comes with the biggest size in display compared to other models. The size is allegedly panel of 6.7 inches.

What Apple Analyst has to Say?

Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst recently mentioned that the upcoming model iPhone 12 will get advances in terms of technical support that is known as “Sensor-Shift Image Stabilisation”. 

This technology is said to go upward till the end of the 6.7-inch notch panel. By doing so, the technology will recognize and attack image stabilization will be activated. As a result, a more proficient response will be given by the device. 

it will also help in vibrations to be detected in a way that is similar to the movement of lenses in a camera. But, as of now, reports say that this technology is only available for the 6.7-inch model. The rest of the models will not have the facility of this technology. 

But, on the brighter side, in iPhone model 11, a similar technology works but differently. The Pro models of iPhone 11 have a feature that deals with image stabilization. However, it can only work well if a certain type of lenses is used, such as Telephotos or Wide Angle Photos.


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