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India Witnesses Highest Jump in Death Rate: Recent COVID-19 Cases in 24 Hours

According to the report, the number of death rate in India has risen to 5,200. Meanwhile, the death toll rate has reached the mark of 149. This was registered this Wednesday. After updating the reports, 773 positive cases were registered. This is based on what the reports that UHM (Union Health Ministry) declared.

Since the update took a whole 24 hours, the numbers of cases increase rapidly. This marks it to be the highest jump in transmission rate. The Union Health Minster claims that as of now, the number of active cases of the virus stands at the mark of 5,274. Among those cases, 70 are registered to be foreign nationals. And, the number of people who have recovered is at 411.

Affected Regions & their COVID-19 Positive Counts

But, now the highest number of cases in the whole country is coming from Maharashtra, marking at 1,018. That being said, Delhi has several positive cases marking at 576 while Tamil Nadu has recorded a mark of 690 people being affected. On the same spectrum, Kerala has marked at 336 while Telangana has marked at 427 number positive cased fo COVID-19.

Rajasthan has registered cases of 328 people while Uttar Pradesh has registered 343 cases. Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh have marked at the count of 229 and 305 respectively. Meanwhile, Haryana has seen cases of 147 and having 116 cases coming from Jammu & Kashmir. On the reducing end, West Bengal has seen cases of 99 positives while Odisha has resisted 91.

Further below, Uttarakhand and Bihar region has registered 31 cases while Assam has marked at 27. Ladakh has registered the case of 14 people and 7 people have been tested positive from Goa, Andaman & Nicobar Island and Chattisgarh. The lowest that has been registered is single positive cases from Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura and Mizoram.

More Updates on COVID-19 Widespread in India

As the number of positive cases keeps rising, PM Narendra Modi suggested that at this point, releasing the lockdown is not the best fit solution. He made it clear that the lockdown may most likely extend even after the 14th of April after a discussion with all the Cheif Ministers.

Today, PM Narendra Modi held a video conference meeting in which he did discuss what could be done in terms of the widespread crisis. In the video conference, he met the higher authorities of Lok Sadha and Rajya Sabha. In the video conference, he said that life will completely change after the coronavirus impact on India. 

Many state authorities have suggested that lifting the lockdown at this point would not be a viable option. Among those authorities, Uttar Pradesh’s BJP is included. According to a survey by Boston Consulting Group, the authorities of Telangana also suggests that lockdown should be extended given the current situation

KT Rama Rao mentions that the number of cases is going to rise by the 1st of June. In the same spectrum, the state authorities from Assam and Chattisgarh also recommend the same. They also mentioned that they prefer keeping the borders closed. Along with that, they would only allow limited or rather restricted entries keeping the widespread count in mind.

More Updates…

Given the current state of crisis, it is likely that educational facilities like schools, colleges and universities are not going to open. According to the group of Ministers, it was discussed and late concludes that it in their best interest to keep educational institutes closed for at least 4 weeks. That being said, along the same line, religious gatherings should also be banned from any sort of meeting. 

Meanwhile, in Maharashtra, a strict rule has been implemented in terms of protection. The Municipal Authorities mention that people should wear protective gear while in public. If any found without the suggested gears then a fine or arresting would be implemented as an action. 

On the other hand, Uttar Pradesh’s 15 districts have key hotspot areas that will be in strict containment. That being said, Chief Secretary mentions that the ban on lockdown will not be released on areas like Lucknow and Noida. It will likely extend further beyond 15th April.



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codingclave© 2020. All rights reserved.