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Hollywood Production Houses Switches To Cloud Services Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

As the global pandemic outbreak continues to affect people, Hollywood decides to shut down physical sets. The companies for post-production houses are switching to cloud services instead. That being said, remote production service would ensure that filmmakers continue their project with their respective teams.

Popular production houses like Skywalker Sound as well as Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light & Magic has mentioned being involved in remote services during the global pandemic. However, the projects for LILM have not been specified. But what work can be expected are involved with “Jungle Cruise” by Disney, Jurassic World: Dominion by Universal Studios.

On the other hand, Skywalker Sound seems to be working on upcoming productions. These work involve “Soul” by Pixar/Disney as well as “The Mandalorian”. Deluxe Post Production House has also joined remote services and its current project includes Ghostbusters: Afterlife by Sony.

What MTI Film Suggests On Cloud Servicing…

MTI Film production house in Los Angeles has made the necessary changes for remote streaming. Larry Chernoff, the CEO also mentions that apparently, several employees can avail the service of work from home.

Larry Chernoff also suggests that cloud services include low latency and bit rate. As a result, artists and customers can interact without any hassle. He adds that while it may not be of the finest quality but it is good enough.

Editorial changes and decisions can be made by that. MTI Film had the facility of remote streaming for a long time ago. It has now finally come to its use after the COVID-19 outbreak.

About that, some issues did arise. While work from home is the best fit solution as per the current crisis, there has been the prevention of work during remote servicing. Due to concerns related to security as well as a non-disclosure agreement, work is being held from pursuing.


On the other hand, a developer from a production house working in collaboration with cloud services mentioned that the facility is being given to them. Popular channels like HBO and Vice is soon to declare the availability of 2TB worth of free space for customers and this would be given for 90 days.

In addition to that, more services will be given to healthcare organizations as well as educational institutes without any cost. Jeff Rosica, a CEO mentioned that during this time of crisis, people will get the license to creative software. The license is said to last for 90 days.

This software includes Pro Application programs as well as applications related to editing Media. The license for creatives software will only be given to customers who are qualified. Thus, they can continue working from home without disrupting the flow of work.

Signiant, a tech transfer expert having clients such as VFX Digital Domain and NBC Universal, mentions that unlimited viewing is upcoming. From the 31st of May, unlimited users can stream and video media via remote services.

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codingclave© 2020. All rights reserved.