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Day 17 Lockdown: Current Updates on India’s COVID-19

As of now, the number of people infected with COVID-19 has marked more than 6000 which has only been the third week ever since the lockdown. In the time span of 4 hours, a number of 678 cases have been registered who are positive of COIVD-19. The data was produced by the Ministry of Health at 8 in the morning today.  This marks the total number fo tally at 6412. 

Among the people, nearly 504 people have been said to be recorded or discharged. And lastly, the numb of death among the affected has marked at 199. 

Based on the current situation, the PM of India, Narendra Modi is having a difficult time. He is unable to decide whether extending the lockdown would be beneficial or not. This is because millions of people are getting affected in terms of work.

Meanwhile, the key areas or rather hotspots that have chances of forming clusters, are now under strict control. The areas are contained and it has been declared that strict measures would be taken if clusters are found. 

In terms of the entire world, the number of positive cases of COVID-19 count up to 1.6 million and more. And the number of people who’ve died due to the virus are over 96,000. That being said, the number of death rates is now gradually decreasing in European regions.

However, the count is still at a peak and rising every day in the United States. In fact, the death toll is increasing so much in the US that it might make a record of breaking Itlay’s count.

Mumbai During Lockdown

Affected Regions in India and Measures Taken!!

In Delhi, over 23 hotspots had been registered to be the containment zone. This made the citizens feel more isolated than ever. That being said, the police personnel have strictly barricaded the entrances of many colonies. Also, it has been made clear that grocery shopping, taking deliveries from outlets or any pedestrians are now not allowed.

Also, the Government of Delhi has implemented tracking data of people to control public activities. To make sure that people are under strictly home lockdown, a door to door checking of people has been implemented. 

Meanwhile, in Chandigarh, 10, 441 people have been arrested for violating the lockdown. All of these people have been arrested in a count of 18 days. Meanwhile, the government continues to warn people to exit the house using only protective gear. 

In Kolkata, 4 people have been arrested for faking their identity as police personnel so that they can violate the lockdown system. On the other hand, MD Saidul Laskar, a taxi driver, and his wife have offered the government a 55-bed hospital to treat COVID-19 patients. The hospital is also known as Marfa Memorial Hospital located in Baruipur.

Mumbai during Pandemic

In Chennai, it has been declared daily commuters who would use the Metro line, can now make up for the lockdown days once it has been lifted. Meanwhile, in Tamil Nadu, the state is under hold as more test kits are yet to be delivered from China. That being said the state has formed three committees to help the COVID-19 patients. These three committees are Medical experts, Task Force and multidisciplinary experts. 

Bengaluru is facing a crisis at this point as they are running short of groceries. The huge demand for daily groceries while having a low production rate during this time has led people to eat processed food. 

Also, there have been rumours going around the internet about the fake news of Coronavirus. This can result in influencing people. For that, the police department has come up with a website that holds the truth about the virus. It also mentions if any fake news is relevant and true or not. 

In Hyderabad, a sports village building which was made of Military games in the year of 2007, will now be the new health facility. The place will be used to help people who are getting affected by the virus.


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codingclave© 2020. All rights reserved.