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After Being COVID-19 Positive, Kanika Kapoor Writes An Emotional Post!

Famous Bollywood Singer, Kanika Kapoor was tested for COVID-19, after her return from London. The results came in positive. She was taken into hospitalization on the 20th of March. As of now, her fourth test results came and it was positive. Now, Kanika Kapoor is hoping the next forthcoming test results would be negative.

Kanika Kapoor made her arrival in India from the United Kingdom on the 9th of March. Upon arriving, the singer had been living a normal life despite the pandemic crisis. On the 11th of March, she made a traveling journey from Mumbai to Lucknow so that she could meet her friends and family for gatherings.

Upon arrival, she also attended more than two parties and resided in Taj Hotel. Among those parties, one was a top-class party for bureaucrats. Words are that Vasundhara Bhaje, the National Vice President of BJP and his family were there. And also, Jap Pratap Singh, the health minister of Uttar Pradesh was attending the same party.

But, Kanika Kapoor claims that she made her arrival on India as per the Government had advised. She went through the procedures that were implemented in Airports. To defend herself she claimed to the airport authorities that she had no sign or symptoms of Coronavirus.

However, those who had attended the parties were also tested for COVID-19. Upon the results, it was concluded that none of them was tested positive for it.

Kanika Kapoor stated Her Grief to Social Media

Kanika Kapoor, upon being tested positive for the fourth time, could not hold back and expressed her emotions on Instagram. She had recently announced the diagnosis of Coronavirus. But, soon after, she had decided to remove it.

The singer shared a post on Instagram, that says, “Going off to bed. Sending you all loving vibes. Stay Safe you guys. Thank you for your concern but I am not in the ICU”. Along with that, she is hopeful that her next test would turn out to be negative as she wishes to see her family and kids soon again.

Additionally, rumors were going around that she was under the Intense Care Unit (ICU) and now shes’s no longer in there.

What Doctors Have to Say…

On the other hand, one of a family member without revealing the identity confirmed to IANS that they are concerned about her wellbeing at this point. Kanika has not been co-operative with treatments.

Given the current situation of lockdown, an airlift advanced treatment is also unlikely. At this point, all that can be done is praying for the recovery to happen.

However, the doctors from the SGPGIM (Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institue of Medical), mentioned that Kanika’s condition is currently stable. As of now, the doctors are also claiming that even after the fourth test, more will be carried out, at least two in the upcoming weeks. They hope that the upcoming test results come out negative.

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