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Coronavirus Test Proved Positive For British PM Johnson and Health Secretary Hancock

Coronavirus has gone pandemic all over the globe. The statistics of affected and dead people due to Coronavirus infection is going upward. Another news shook all the world when the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, got his Coronavirus test report positive, last Friday. Along with the Prime Minister, the Chief Health Secretary, Matt Hancock is Coronavirus positive.

The picture of the Corona infected Europe is really of deep concern. While Italy is suffering from almost thousands’ people dying within 24 hours and this news would definitely demotivate many people. Spain and the United Kingdom are dealing with thousands of Coronavirus infected people.

Amidst the chaos, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson posted a video on his own diagnosis. There he stated that the Coronavirus test proved to be positive for him. Additionally, he announced that he is going for self-isolation. But, he would continue serving the country from the self-isolation mode.

The Prime Minister stated in the video post that he is advised to go for a Coronavirus test by Chris Whitty. Chris Whitty is the Chief Medical personnel of England. Few hours after the PM has posted the video, Whitty goes into self-isolation as he also showed some of the symptoms of Coronavirus infection. As the symptoms were mild, Chris Whitty hasn’t got a Coronavirus test yet.

Pandemic Bangs Amidst Novel Coronavirus Outbreak !

Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary of the UK has tested positive for Coronavirus infection. He also opted for self-isolation till the upcoming Thursday and would work from home. Well, the British PM, Boris Johnson who is 55-year old has decided for seven-day long self-isolation at his residence of Downing Street. The Prime Minister was suffering from mild fever and cough.

But there is a Hope

There is a piece of good news among all these. No other cabinet minister has got a positive result of the Coronavirus test, till now. The government has asked all the citizens to maintain social distancing as COVID-19 is rapidly increasing. It is taking time to find out the right way of medication as the Coronavirus is prone to mutations, very quickly. It is still unknown how the Prime Minister of the UK has got contaminated by Coronavirus.

The UK government has also advised citizens to go with a Coronavirus test if they can recognize symptoms similar to the Coronavirus infection. People can save themselves to some extent from the Coronavirus infection if they choose to stay at home.

Well, the report came positive just a few hours later after Johnson was seen clapping for supporting NHS workers along with chancellor Rishi Sunak. There is no report on whether Sunak has got a Coronavirus test or not.



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codingclave© 2020. All rights reserved.