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Bollywood Celebrity Priyanka Chopra Rewards $100,00 to 4 Women Heroes

Amidst the global outbreak fo Coronavirus, the frontline workers have been doing their duties to make a change. These healthcare professionals are selfless and brave for fighting it. That being safe, police officers are also included in this fight to save people as much as they can. In respect to that, Bollywood actress Priyank Chopra came up with something thoughtful.

On Thursday, Priyanka Chopra decided to pay tribute to 4 women heroes. These women have fought hard on the frontline to save people from the coronavirus. That being said, Priyanka declared a reward of 100,00 USD for all 4 our of them. Priyanka Chopra recently posted on her Instagram. The post had a highlight of women warrior who’s been fighting with virus despite its fatality.

Being in a partnership with Spiked Seltzer, from the bran BON V!V, Priyanka posted on 1st of April on Instagram. She asked her fans in the post to nominate women heroes who are making a change while the world is amidst the danger of COVID-19.  With respect to that, she also decided to highlight the stories fo these 4 women heroes.  

In her post, she expressed her gratitude for nominating women who are inspiring other people to take a stand and fight. Especially, it is more inspiring because of the worldwide danger of Coronavirus. She tags “bonvivspikedseltzer” and mentions that together they are going to shine some light on 4 women who are fighting hard. These women are above and beyond in terms of making a huge difference in saving the world.

More on 4 Women Heroes!

Further in her post, Priyanka mentions that the names of 4 women who will be rewarded. She mentions Emily who works in ARPN. She’s been working in the ER facility for each and every day during this virus outbreak. She’s been endlessly helping people who are in need. At the same time, she is not around her family and friends so that they remain safe from any danger.

Priyanka moves further along and mentions Jo. Jo is a part of a working team of a care facility. During this time of crisis, she’s been doing her best to provide help and companionship to those who are in need. 

After this, Priyanka mentions Jaya who has outdone herself. Jaya has made sure that N95 marks are donated to everyone. She’s donated as much she could to help the situation. 

Lastly, Priyanka, mentions about Jeny. Jenny has made an initiative in helping people with meals. She made sure that health care workers get their meals during this crisis period and lockdown. 

At the end of the post, she wrote, “#TogetherWomenRise” to empower women on this phase of the outbreak. And not only that, her husband, Nick Jonas, has also taken part in contribution. Nick Jonas and Priyanka, have contributed to various funds like Feeding America, PM CARES Fund, Goonj and more.

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