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Banff World Media Festival Cancelled Due To Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

The Banff World Media Festival that was set to be held in 2020 has officially been cancelled as Coronavirus outbreaks globally. The festival was set to be held at the Canadian Rockies during the month of June between 14th to 17th.

The event organizers received direct instructions from the Alberta and Candian Government as well as the World Health Organization. Chief executive of Netflix, Ted Sarandos was said to be one of the important speakers of the event. The event was apparently going to take place in Alberta in Fairmont Banff Hotel.

The delegates of the event have been suggested to transfer their registration for the upcoming year instead. Along with that, they shall receive a full refund that was invested upon the event.

Rockie Awards International 2020 and Other Events to Take Place…

While on the other hand, the Rockie Awards International Program of the year 2020 will likely to take place. That being said, the event is going to happen with restricted limits. The event will have a single international jury that belongs to the professional industry field.

That being said, some other events are also going to take place. The list includes Spark Accelerator for Women as well as the Diversity of Voices Initiative by Banff.

Both the Chair member of Banff event and the President of Bell Media, Randy Lennox expressed regret for the cancellation. He mentioned that he regrets the fact that the event will be cancelled after running it for 41 years successfully.

However, he declares that the decision was made keeping the best interest of staff, members and delegates as per the global pandemic occurring now. Randy Lennox mentioned that while the decision has been a tough call, it must be implemented for the better. And he hopes the upcoming year would be fruitful.

What the Executive Director of Banff festival Has to Say…

Jenn Kuzmyk, the executive director of Banff declared that the hopes were up during the recent weeks. But, now looking at the global condition, it would not be advisable to hold an event that assures no safety of people from the Coronavirus infection.

She also mentions that as travelling and social gathering has been restricted now, it would be safe to say that cancelling the event would be a viable choice. However, she also said that even though people have been restricted from gathering there are other modes of interaction.

The team is all set and ready to implement new ways for interaction that involves informing and serving the best to the industry. Lastly, she mentions that the team is looking forward to implementing that within the span of the upcoming months.

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codingclave© 2020. All rights reserved.